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What is a Pathologist?

A Pathologist is a highly specialized MD or DO physician whose primary area of expertise is in the study of body tissues and body fluids.

It is important to understand their primary duties which include:

  • Overseeing the management of hospital and clinical labs
  • Examining and interpreting laboratory tests
  • Sending reports to ordering physicians to guide medical treatment and patient care
  • Histologically interpreting samples of tissues that are collected during surgery
  • Determining if samples are cancerous and/or if surgery is needed
  • Performing autopsies to identify or confirm disease and determine cause, manner and mechanism of death

What Are The Two Broad Sections Of Pathology?

The Section Of Anatomic Pathology

Anatomic pathology is the diagnosis of medical diseases, disorders, and cancers via the interpretation of surgical specimens. Pathologists receive biopsies of tissue samples and process them into a histologic microscope slide.

The Clinical Section of Pathology

Clinical pathology is the second section of pathology. It involves the medical interpretation and clinical laboratory analysis of body fluids like blood or urine and other specimens sent to a hospital.